Trump Unveils New Nickname For Joe Biden

When Trump said on Tuesday that Joe Biden officially announced that he would seek four more years, the crowd booed.

At a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, two days after President Joe Biden announced his re-election bid, Donald Trump said he would no longer refer to the president by the moniker  “Sleepy Joe.” He said he would now refer to him with the nickname he had previously used to refer to Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday, former President Trump introduced the nickname for Biden, characterizing it as perhaps the most essential part of what he was going to say in his speech.

Trump continued saying he would stop calling Clinton “Crooked Hillary” during future political campaigns. He said he’ll use it whenever he needs to describe Biden.

The former president said this was a huge announcement.

He said Hillary Clinton will no longer be known as “Crooked.” As an aside, he said he would rechristen her. 

“I dunno, maybe something like Hillary the Lovely or Hillary the Beautiful,” Trump quipped.

He said that one would assume that today would be a perfect day for Hillary.

Trump said he was putting “Crooked” in retirement so that Joe Biden would be known as “Crooked Joe Biden.”

The Nickname King said there has never been anyone in the history of American politics as dishonest as Joe Biden, and he was sure Hillary was out there somewhere relishing this fact.

In the past, Trump has called the president “Sleepy Joe.”

Since President Biden’s son Hunter Biden was found to have previously held a high-paying seat on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Republicans have sought to investigate the Biden family’s business dealings. Some of the emails on Hunter’s laptop included references to “the big guy,” presumably a reference to Joe Biden.

Trump promised the crowd, “With your vote on Nov. 5th, 2024, we’re going to crush Joe Biden.”