Trump Makes History By Signing Historical Document

Just before America’s 247th birthday, former President Donald Trump signed the “Presidential Promise to American Women,” according to The Western Journal. The Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee is behind the resolution. The committee reportedly proposed the resolution as a counter to the transgender craze currently overshadowing biological women. 

Trump is the first president to have signed the declaration, pledging his support to protect women and motherhood should he be re-elected in 2024. The declaration states the biological reality of women and motherhood and reaffirms that only biological women can bear children and give birth. It continues to state that under the Trump administration, laws and policies will not negatively affect women’s rights. The federal government is specifically called out in the document to uphold the status and dignity of that reality.

According to a Politico correspondent, the CWA is approaching all the candidates to ask them to sign the document. Trump was the first one to do so. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was the second candidate to sign it. 

The purpose of the document is to ensure that women are not second place to biological men. Women’s locker rooms, sports, and prisons have been infiltrated by biological men in recent years. After failing to perform well in the men’s division, Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer, crushed the women’s competition. In another incident, a girls’ volleyball team was temporarily banned from using their locker room after having a dispute with a transgender. 

Since launching his 2024 bid for president, Trump has come out staunchly against “gender-affirming care.” He said that if he is elected, he will stop the “chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation of our youth,” adding that he will ban hospitals from administering the chemicals. 

Critics of the transgender movement argue that biological men are erasing women and overshadowing their accomplishments.