Trump Makes Big Announcement After 2 Years Away From Social Media

Former President Donald Trump returned to Instagram and Facebook on Tuesday after an absence lasting since January 5, 2021. 

In his most recent posts, he thanked his early backers and shared a preview of his upcoming digital trading card collection. He was overjoyed to share that they were relaunching their digital trading cards due to their overwhelming popularity.


In a second tweet, Trump continued his pitch by saying he hopes everyone notices (but the Fake News won’t) that he is keeping the price of the Trading Cards the same as before, despite the fact that they are now selling for “MANY TIMES MORE.” 

“(It’s called the MARKET!)”

He said the latest batch sold out in record time and hopes his followers may “make money” from them while also having a good time.

Even if he had dramatically hiked the price, he says, sales would have been strong, and he would have made more money. 

Cheekily, Trump quipped, “WON’T I GET ANY ‘GOOD GUY’ POINTS FOR BEING NICE?” 

After Trump supporters violently took over the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, Instagram permanently banned the president from the service on January 7, 2021. 

Instagram is just one of many social media sites that have disabled President Trump’s account for safety concerns.

Most of the former president’s supporters are likely already on Twitter, but he has yet to appear. After putting in much time and effort to launch his social network, Truth Social, over which he has complete editorial control, he stated that he didn’t see any need to return to the site.

Trump commented after a Twitter poll showed strong support for his recall. A total of 15,085,458 people participated in the survey, with 51.8% agreeing that the president should be reinstated and 48.2% disagreeing.