Trump Facing New Charges In Docs Case

According to the New York Times, former President Donald J. Trump allegedly had the property manager at Mar-a-Lago destroy security camera recordings, according to supposed evidence presented by federal prosecutors on Thursday.

Carlos De Oliveira, the building’s manager, was hit with more charges in a superseding indictment. His arraignment was on Monday in Miami.

The Southern District of Florida indicted Mr. Trump last month for allegedly violating the Espionage Act by keeping 31 classified national security documents after he had ceased serving as president. It further claimed that Trump and his advisor, Walt Nauta, had allegedly worked together to hinder the government’s attempts to recover the classified information.

A new Espionage Act count linked to a sensitive national security document he allegedly showed to guests at his Bedminster, N.J. golf club and an effort to destroy, alter or conceal evidence were added to the original indictment against Donald Trump.

According to a report, when the Department of Justice (DOJ) admitted that it did not release all of the Mar-a-Lago surveillance videos Trump gave over to the Department, President Trump lashed out at Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Reporting shows that no surveillance recordings were deleted. There were no missing documents, and according to Trump, the Mar-a-Lago recordings were freely turned over to the FBI.

The DOJ admitted that it did not provide the defense attorneys with all of the surveillance footage Mar-a-Lago security camera video in the first discovery.
Naturally, this was employed to undermine Trump by leaking false information to the press.

On social media, columnist Julie Kelly @julie_kelly2  wrote that Despite claiming last month in court that it had provided all Mar-a-Lago camera video to defense counsel in the first batches of discovery, the DOJ has now admitted that it did not.

Trump said in a Truth Social post that the deleted security tapes issue was a lie promoted by the “deranged” Jack Smith. He also called it election interference, as Trump is leading in virtually all polls for the 2024 Republican primary election and is beating current President Joe Biden in a head-to-head matchup.