Trump Calls Out Biden For Obvious Lies

Donald Trump has once again lashed out at Joe Biden and called him a “mental and physical basket case.” Responding to Biden’s remarks in a recent interview with Seth Meyers when the President said Trump couldn’t remember his wife’s name, the former President called Mr. Biden the worst leader in American history.

During his appearance on Meyers’ show, the host asked the President about his age, and he responded by saying the “other guy” is just as old and struggles to recall the name of his own wife.

Trump recently addressed “Mercedes” at a rally, and commentators reported he intended to say Melania. However, a former Trump administration advisor, Mercedes Schlapp, clarified the matter online and said Mr. Trump was referring to her.

The former President has also repeated his request for Joe Biden to take a cognitive test as concern about both men’s mental health grows. Writing on his Truth Social media account, Trump said Biden “must” take a cognitive test so Americans can understand why he makes “such terrible decisions.” He added that he had taken two such tests and “aced” them.

Nikki Haley, the only remaining competitor fighting Trump for the GOP Presidential nomination, has made the age of the GOP and Democrat front-runners central to her campaign. Haley referred to the Presidents as “grumpy old men” who regularly suffer “senior moments” and called this year’s most likely Presidential battle “a rematch that nobody wants.”

Trump, who is 77, is the hot favorite to compete with 81-year-old Biden for the keys to the Oval Office this November. President Biden is currently the office’s oldest-ever occupant, and if he wins in November, he will be 86 at the end of his second term.

Nikki Haley has called for a new and younger generation in American politics and supports term limits for Members of Congress. Indeed, she recently went further and said no Washington “bureaucrat” should be in office for longer than five years.