Trump Arrives On Fox News, Warming The Relationship With Network 

( Former President Donald Trump appeared on Fox News’s “Hannity” Monday evening where he complained about the ongoing investigations against him, attacked mail-in voting, defended his hiring of FBI Director Christopher Wray, and complained about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ supposed “disloyalty.” 

In the hour-long interview with his most loyal Fox News host, Trump described Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s probe into the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels as a kind of “election interference.” 

Trump also defended his remarks in a recent Truth Social post when he warned of “death and destruction” if he is charged, saying he wasn’t calling for violence. He also said the now-deleted post that showed a split photo of him brandishing a baseball bat beside Alvin Bragg was posted unknowingly. Trump explained that he didn’t see the picture that accompanied the article he shared. 

When asked about how he was dealing with a possible indictment in the hush money probe, the former president said he is dealing with “very dishonest people” and “thugs” who “hate our country.” 

Trump also promoted the song he recorded with a choir of January 6 detainees, boasting that it was selling better than Taylor Swift. 

When discussing some of his personnel blunders while in the White House, the former president said he might have been mistaken when he chose Christopher Wray as FBI director. He pawned off the mistake by blaming the choice of Wray on Chris Christie and the Democrats. 

But Trump saved his most vicious criticism for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who, while not officially a candidate for the GOP nomination, is considered Trump’s biggest threat in 2024. 

Saying he was not friends with DeSantis and didn’t “know him well,” Trump described the popular Republican governor as a “desperate” politician who begged Trump to endorse him in 2018 with “tears in his eyes.” 

Trump told Hannity that DeSantis owed it to him to stay out of the 2024 primary. He claimed that if he hadn’t endorsed him in 2018, DeSantis would have been “dead.” 

Monday’s interview was the former president’s first primetime appearance on Fox since September. 

Watch a clip from Hannity’s interview with Trump HERE.