Trans Athlete Drops Out Of Tournament Citing False Safety Concerns

A biological male has dropped out of a women’s tennis tournament, citing safety concerns, according to The Blaze. Trans athlete Brooklyn Ross claimed that there may be potential protests if he participated in the Wyoming Governor’s Cup. Upon hearing that he would be playing, there was reportedly some frustration.

Jackie Fulkrod, who sat on the Cheyenne Tennis Association board as president, resigned from her position following news of Ross’ inclusion. She said that a male competing against a woman was an unfair match and the situation goes against her beliefs. In addition, Fulkrod noted that the tournament does not have any age restrictions, which would mean that older males could compete against younger women.

Another concern of hers extended to bathroom and locker room facilities. She said that she thinks it is wrong for them to have to be in that same private space together.

Shortly after Fulkrod’s resignation, the 27-year-old trans athlete pulled out of the event saying that he did not want to be the center of attention or have protests detract from the event and negatively affect the players’ ability to play tennis. Talking to Cowboy State Daily, Ross said that the environment surrounding the event was “getting out of control.”

Ross did not receive any personal threats or negative responses about playing in the tournament, and he said that Tournament Director Peg Connor was supportive throughout the process. But Connor claimed that if the event was overshadowed by the controversy, then event, which would be 51 years old, would have to be canceled for all the participants.

Republican State Sen. Anthony Bouchard told the Cowboy State Daily that if Ross was allowed to play and went through with it then he did plan to protest. Bouchard went on to praise the news that Ross withdrew from the tournament, calling it a win for women’s free speech.