Top University Praises ‘Persistence’ Of Antisemitic Students

The president of Columbia University applauded the dedication of students who have been accused of antisemitism during the current war between Israel and Hamas terrorists.

Minouche Shafik, Columbia University President, and Barnard College President Laura Rosenbury announced they are creating a Doxing Resource Group of key offices across both campuses to address doxing, harassment, and online security issues.

They stated that doxing, a dangerous kind of intimidation, is unacceptable. Third parties have targeted several people, including students from various schools. Trucks have circled Columbia University, displaying students’ names and images.

Shafik and Rosenbury thanked the students and their families for their tenacity in the face of hostility. They are gathering resources to help them and the faculty.

The announcement followed the nonprofit news watchdog Accuracy in Media sending trucks to Columbia’s Manhattan campuses with large video screens on all sides and the words ‘Columbia’s Leading Antisemites’ on a slide presentation of students’ photos and names.

Adam Guillette, president of Accuracy in Media, told the media that the display sought to identify students who allegedly justified Hamas militants’ Oct. 7 deadly assault on Israeli civilians with a vile and hateful, antisemitic proclamation similar to Harvard’s that blamed victims for their death, torture, and rape.

Daniel Di Martino, a Ph.D. student in economics at Columbia who studies migration, criticized the university’s announcement on social media, saying that the students who are destroying and removing Jewish hostages and missing persons placards and signing declarations against Israel are getting University aid to cope with the reaction.

Di Martino wrote that they did this after establishing a special anti-Semitism unit. They plan to line up with both sides and succeed without losing ground. They never would have done this if any other country had been assaulted like Israel. The Jewish state is held to a different standard.

The National Library of Israel reports it is preserving all evidence of the Oct. 7 massacre in south Israel and the Israel-Hamas war for future generations and historical study.

The institution said it would preserve all event documentation, including audio and video recordings, testimonies, press clips, online and text messages, ephemera, and posts from social media, civil institutions, the military, governments, local authorities, and publications from government websites, authorities, and communities. The Israeli Ministry of Heritage funds the initiative.