Top Democrat’s Purchase Of Luxury Cars With Taxpayer Money Revealed 

( We’ve heard of “limousine Liberals.” How about “limousine Communists”? 

California congresswoman Barbara Lee (D.), previously known as “Comrade Barbara” among her Marxist pals, spent almost $5,000 on limousines in Washington, D.C. 

The company’s website touts a fleet featuring a Hummer limousine. 

Lee also shelled out almost $7,000 on a “premium cab service” on Martha’s Vineyard, a little island off the coast of Massachusetts. According to federal finance filings, the Oakland Democrat spent at least $22,862 on travel during the past election season. 

On one of Lee’s many fundraising visits to Martha’s Vineyard—a luxurious beach resort island best known for deporting illegal immigrants—she called Adam Taxi, which promotes itself as the island’s “top taxi service,” and spent a total of $7,206 on taxi rides.  

As she campaigns to replace retiring Democrat Dianne Feinstein in the Senate, Lee’s expenditures might hurt her progressive reputation. Lee has presented herself as a “voice for the people” despite her history as a communist sympathizer and link to Soviet front organizations. In her race to replace Feinstein, Lee relies on her progressive credentials to defeat Katie Porter and Adam Schiff, two well-funded Democrats from California. 

The “people’s” lawmaker enjoys traveling in luxury. According to the Washington Free Beacon, a journey in a Hummer limousine from downtown to Dulles Airport costs a mere $316, and Singh Car Service is her chosen chauffeur for travel inside the Beltway. For an additional $110, you may purchase a bottle of French champagne to enjoy throughout the journey, while spending $750 will get you a security team. 

When Lee went to San Francisco, she used the services of East Bay limousine company K&B Luxury Limousine Service, with bills ranging from $165 to $626. She also forked out $1,948 to Fresno’s Royal Coach Limousines, whose website features photographs of luxurious, antique Jaguar saloon cars and limousines. 

Lee’s wasteful spending comes as she complains about fundraising challenges as a black woman. 

Drumming up money from a limousine is hard work. Just try it… if you have the money.