Top Democrat’s Accuser Refuses To Retract Statements

Katie Porter, a Democrat California state assemblyperson, had long ago been accused of domestic violence by her ex-husband. The Porter campaign is accused of lying, claiming that the ex-husband “recanted” his story.  

Senator Dianne Feinstein is retiring in 2024, and Porter is running for the Democratic nomination to replace her. 

Matt Hoffman has denied that he had renounced his charges against Congressman Porter. 

Both Hoffman and Porter sought domestic violence restraining orders against the other. Hoffman stated that Porter smashed glass, causing him to get cut on the shards. He also said she dumped boiled potatoes on his head.

He also maintains that Porter lied to the police hours after reporting the event. 

Fox discovered documents claiming Hoffman “regretted” making such claims, but Hoffman said he did not recall ever mentioning that he regretted making the charges and noted that it was a long time ago.

Regretting that you revealed dirty laundry is not the same as saying the charges you made at the time were false.

A representative for Porter told Fox News that any proof did not back the allegations her husband made and again claimed that he “retracted” his statement. He has reiterated the charges he’s made against the notoriously angry congressperson.

Employees of Porter have charged that she is abusive, belittling, and racist. An Instagram account called “Dear White Staffers” published angry text messages between Porter and her subordinates.

In an exchange with Piers Morgan on Bill Maher’s HBO program, Porter lied about Jan 6 and did it angrily.

She said, “What happened on January 6th was a bunch of batsh*t crazy f*ckers with guns who killed policepeople.”

That is categorically untrue, but telling her that may be dangerous.

She also told Maher that he and Piers sounded like old men when they criticized GenZ as immature. Porter said kids are kids and are by nature immature, and then followed by saying she is proud that she got their vote.

Maher quips, “You just said you win the votes of the immature.”

Porter’s response included a noise that can only be described as “you’ll get yours.”