Tom Hanks Goes Transhumanism With AI Claim

In a recent interview, actor Tom Hanks discussed the ramifications of artificial intelligence on the movie industry and suggested that with the power of AI, he could continue appearing in films long after he dies, CBS News reported.

Hanks appeared on “The Adam Buxton Podcast” last Saturday to promote his new novel when the discussion turned to artificial intelligence.

The actor suggested that with the advances in AI and deep fakes, there is a good possibility he could pitch a series of movies in which he remained 32 years old “from now until kingdom come.”

Hanks said with artificial intelligence technology, anyone can “recreate themselves at any age.” He added that if he was struck by a bus and died his performances could still go on and with the advances in AI and deep fakes, there would be no way to tell if the AI Tom Hanks is real.

When Buxton disputed the idea that people wouldn’t be able to tell a real Tom Hanks from an AI-generated Tom Hanks, the Academy Award-winning actor admitted that the AI version probably wouldn’t be able to pull off the same level of performance that he can, but added that he isn’t sure an audience would care.

Hanks said when he was filming “The Polar Express,” they knew that there would be the technology to turn a bunch of ones and zeros into a character. But since then, that technology has grown “a billionfold.”

Hanks also suggested that advances in artificial intelligence have prompted agents to include in contracts stipulations to protect an actor’s likeness and voice as intellectual property.

He said there have been quite a few discussions among actors’ guilds, talent agencies, and law firms to address the “legal ramifications” of artificial intelligence.

Hanks is currently doing interviews promoting his first novel “The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece.”