TikTok Airplane Life Hack Deemed ‘Dangerous’ By Experts

Flight experts are concerned about a seatbelt sleep trick circulating on TikTok, calling it risky and unwise. TikTok user @Lexi shows travelers how to curl their legs onto the seat for rest.

The tutorial on how to catch some sleep in the cramped economy section has gained over 20 million views. At first glance, this may appear to be the ideal solution for travelers looking to rest on a flight without a fully reclinable business-class seat.

The passenger secures the seatbelt around their legs tightly, possibly to keep from sliding off the seat while sleeping.

Flight experts criticized her method of snooze control, warning that it could be dangerous if the aircraft faced turbulence or other inflight issues.

The video has received 3.2 million views, and several flight attendants have commented advising caution. Shannon Blevins, a flight attendant, asked on social media that people refrain from doing this. She understands it may feel cozy, but you won’t be safe in case of sudden turbulence or rough air. She said turbulence occurs more frequently than you might realize.

Michael Wallace, a travel expert and CEO of Greenback Expat Tax Service in Detroit, Michigan, cautioned in a statement to Fox News Digital that this flight trend may not be the safest choice and should be approached with caution.

Wallace pointed out that fastening your seat belt around your ankles may provide temporary relief, but it poses a significant risk. When the plane experiences turbulence, and you lean forward quickly, he explained that hitting the seat in front of you can have different results for your knees. Even a minor impact on your head or knees could result in a concussion.

It’s important to remember that your health could be affected, even if you don’t experience turbulence, especially on a cardiovascular level. Wallace pointed out that wrapping your seatbelt around your ankles could result in poor circulation. Passengers may experience minor symptoms like discomfort or numbness. In severe situations, blood clots may form.