These Democrats Oppose Deporting Migrants Who Attack Cops

Republicans in the US House introduced a bill that would compel federal authorities to hold illegal immigrant suspects in connection with assault accusations.  However, many of the House Democrats refused the measure.

Representative Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey was the first to propose the “Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act,” which has since gained support from other Republicans. In celebration of National Police Week, the House Republican Party promised to introduce this and other bills to the floor of the House. A Republican press release last Wednesday said that the measures underline their ongoing backing for the country’s law enforcement agencies.

With the support of 211 Republicans and 54 Democrats, the proposal was sent to the Senate by a 265-148 vote in the House on May 15th. Six Republicans and eleven Democrats chose not to vote.

The bill was introduced after an assault on several NYPD policemen in public by a mob of illegal migrants, the majority of whom were freed by DA Alvin Bragg, the city prosecutor who had received funding from George Soros.

While the bill was being filed in February, Van Drew said that there should be no justification for an illegal migrant to be allowed to stay in the nation if they assault our police officers. This behavior demonstrates a complete lack of respect for our legal system and our institutions, and these individuals will not make any good contributions to society.

The measure would mandate the detention of undocumented immigrants by federal officials until their deportation. According to Van Drew, this would also deal with the issue of illegal immigrants accused of attacking police by creating an extra category for migrant inadmissibility.

Following the majority vote in favor of violent illegal immigrants, Van Drew criticized the Democrats.  He wrote on social media that, unsurprisingly, they chose illegal migrants.  Democrats have a choice. Either support our law enforcement or stand with illegal aliens.

The full list of those Democrats is here.

Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) shared the same sentiment, saying House Democrats voted to defend dangerous illegal immigrants above our courageous law enforcement officers. The Democrat Party has shown time and time again that it is the biggest anti-law enforcement political faction in American history.