Teen Who Killed Father With Acid Over Hair Appointment Set Free

A woman in Michigan who murdered her father because he didn’t take her to a hair appointment, was facing the possibility of life in prison. But instead, she was released with credit for time served and five years of probation.

Prosecutors say that 19-year-old Megan Joyce Imirowicz of Michigan killed her 64-year-old father, Konrad because he was too drunk to bring her to a hair salon appointment before her 18th birthday celebration.

On October 1, 2021, Imirowicz dumped lye powder and water on her sleeping father in their Groveland Township house northwest of Detroit. The victim was discovered lying on a sofa with severe chemical burns. 

According to Law & Crime, prosecutors said Megan Imirowicz laughed when told via phone by her friends that her father, Konrad, had been injured.

Several hours after the incident, the victim was transferred to Ascension Genesys Hospital for treatment.

Konrad Imirowicz may have survived the original assault but was severely injured. His legs were amputated, he had skin grafts and a tracheotomy, and he had many infections and renal failure.

He suffered for months from his wounds before finally giving up the fight on March 6, 2022.

Megan Imirowicz, arrested after her father’s death, said that she had thrown bread at him to wake him rather than chemicals.

She was found guilty on June 15 of unauthorized possession or use of hazardous equipment causing death and faces a maximum life sentence in jail.

Instead, on Tuesday, Judge Victoria Valentine handed down a sentence of one year in prison (less credit for time already served of 506 days) and five years of probation.

Megan Imirowicz’s probation terms include an electronic tether, a psychiatric evaluation, random drug testing, and a court review after six months.

When asked by the Oakland Press about the sentencing, Chief Assistant Prosecutor David Williams said it was not the punishment they asked for but the judge’s decision on the sentence.

A smiling Imirowicz said she “got fortunate” to have Valentine as the judge presiding over her case.

The murderer allegedly went out for chicken nuggets and fries after strolling freely out of the courthouse.