Taiwan Prepares For Chinese Invasion In Huge Way

Taiwan has conducted several military drills to prepare for a hypothetical Chinese invasion.

The exercises occurred a few weeks before the Lunar New Year vacation and following Taiwan’s national elections. Even though Taiwan’s presidential and parliamentary elections were held on January 13, the island is still under Chinese threat, and the drills are in response to China increasing its political, economic, and military pressure on the island as a punishment for its pro-sovereignty governing party.

One measure Taiwan is taking to strengthen its defenses is increasing the necessary military service from six months to twelve months, effective with this year’s recruits.

General Tan Yong, the Taitung Area Command commander, informed the media that the exercise strengthened the integration of the intelligence chain, command chain, kill chain, and communication chain following the joint-operation plan, and it improved overall combat capability and achieved the goal of optimizing combat readiness.

Soldiers practiced sniper rifles, M60A3 tanks, and other armored vehicles in a mock assault of a town under enemy control.

On Wednesday, assault boats, minelaying vessels, and missile boats from the Taiwanese military participated in maneuvers at Zuoying Harbor in Kaohsiung, a city in the country’s southern region.

Air force drills involving C-130 Hercules cargo planes, E-2K Hawkeye early warning aircraft, and P-3C Orion submarine hunters were conducted by Taiwan on Tuesday in the southern county of Pingtung.

According to allegations that surfaced last week, Beijing has sent warships to crucial regions surrounding Taiwan to keep a continuous naval presence.

The Taiwanese defense ministry announced in a press statement on Thursday that 33 Chinese military sorties were conducted in the 100-mile-wide strait on Wednesday. China has avoided chiefly crossing the de facto center line until relatively recently, but 14 of them did so.

Even though the present Beijing government has never had control over Taiwan, China nonetheless claims the island and has promised to merge with it eventually, even if it means using force.