Suspicious Checks Connected To Joe Biden

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), head of the House Oversight Committee, appeared on FNC’s “Hannity” on Friday and updated the story of President Joe Biden receiving a $200,000 payment from his brother Jim.

According to Comer, the events happened when China paid Jim Biden.

Joe was the beneficiary of a number of “strange” checks written by the sibling, he added– and that’s something they’re going to discuss as they go along.

Comer said they’re following the money to see where it came from. He added that it’s not only that Joe Biden got a $200,000 payment; everyone got one, too. Jim Biden, says Comer, is the source of the funding. The money was provided by Jim Biden, who allegedly used his brother’s connections in the Middle East to coerce a corporation in the United States into investing in him.

The Kentucky representative said Jim talked this business into giving him $600,000 in installments. The money was ultimately deposited into Jim Biden’s bank account.
And it was a loan due to how Jim Biden deposited and then wrote a check to Joe Biden on the same day to settle the debt, Comer explained.

Comer said they’ve been using the loan card quite frequently lately. He asked Hannity if he recalled the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars sent by wire from China to Hunter Biden and then to Joe Biden’s home three weeks prior. He said that, too, according to the White House, was a loan. He predicted all you’ll hear from the White House in the following weeks is talk of loans.

Comer noted that even if Joe Biden did lend his brother money—which he highly doubts—the fact remains that his brother defrauded a company that is now bankrupt, and all the creditors lost all the money that they invested in this or loaned to this healthcare company, but Biden got his 200 grand before they went bankrupt. Jim Biden sold the Biden brand, the Biden name. People paid money to leverage the influence of Joe Biden.