Suspected Munitions Plant Catches Fire In Moscow

According to a report from the Mash channel on the Telegram platform, a massive fire erupted in the Russian capital’s outskirts on August 13th.

The Poligon Industrial Zone along Doninskoye Highway is sending billows of dense black smoke into the sky. Preliminary reports indicate a warehouse storing fertilizer is currently on fire. It is said that plastic pallets caught fire first, followed by wooden ones.
No information regarding the fire’s origin had been released that day.

Online users also shared videos showing shells close to the blast location.

The Ukrainian media reported that the warehouse may have been a hidden weapons storage facility.

Reports revealed that the location of the Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant was the site of another massive explosion on the 9th of August.

The facility allegedly worked on a new generation of Russian bombers, as reported by the Russian media.

Authorities in Russia had previously stated that an unidentified UAV had been taken out in the Domodedovo neighborhood of Moscow on the night of August 9.
Several flights to Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport were canceled on August 6 after Russian police said they saw and brought down an unidentifiable drone in the area.

According to reports, on August 13, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations notified citizens that the fire area at the warehouse within the Ramensky district of Moscow had spread to 2.7 thousand square meters.

The statement added that firefighters from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations are suppressing the fire and preventing it from spreading to adjoining structures.

According to the Moscow region prosecutor’s office, a breach of fire safety rules during the course of welding work was the likely cause of the incident. The warehouse’s many wood pallets out in the open ground quickly caught on fire and caused a rapid spread.