Suspect Claims He Wasn’t Involved In Shooting Of 3 Arab Men

In Burlington, Vermont, over the weekend, 48-year-old Jason Eaton shot at three Arab males. He has pled not guilty.

A report shows that three individuals were allegedly assaulted while visiting a relative in Burlington. They were dressed in typical Palestinian Arab garb, including the keffiyeh scarf, and spoke Arabic.

Eaton is now being detained without bail in prison after pleading not guilty to three charges of attempted second-degree murder. The police are still investigating the reason.

The classification of the attempted murder as a hate crime remains up in the air.

After Eaton fired four bullets at the victims, three students, Hisham Awartani from Brown University in Rhode Island, Tahseen Ali Ahmad from Trinity College in Connecticut, Kinnan and Abdalhamid from Haverford College in Pennsylvania, the police said that one of the three victims had far more severe injuries, while the other two were in stable condition.

The pupils were hosted by Rich Price, who happens to be Awartani’s uncle, for Thanksgiving. He was concerned that the shooting was motivated by hatred and that they were targeted, given that they were Arabs.

Price stated his family worries that it was done out of malice but will back the authorities as they investigate, as they subscribe to the sanctity of due process and the presumption of innocence.

During an interview, Eaton’s mom, Mary Reed, said her son had battled depression in the past. The day before the shooting, Eaton was with his family for Thanksgiving, according to Reed.
She said Jason had been through many struggles, but he’s still very kind and caring, and she’s surprised by all that’s happened.

The majority of Eaton’s employment lasted little beyond a few months.

An article states that Eaton spoke at a local church in 2004, urging people to reclaim the authority and wealth they had given to global companies.

Eaton recently said on his X account that libertarians supported “transgender” Furrys’ right to use unlicensed machine weapons to defend their cannabis plantations.

Eaton acquiesced when Burlington Police officers arrived at his apartment to place him under arrest and transport him to the station.