Survey Reveals Reason Why Australian Couples Not Having Kids

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Across the western world in many regions, the birth rate has markedly declined over the last several decades. Indeed, when examining statistical charts and graphs across the world, but especially in countries of western origin in Europe and the United States, the rate has plummeted. A recent report by CBS, released in April of 2024, showcased this serious decline in birth rates in America. The number of babies born annually has now reached a record low, with the 2023 data confirming this allegation. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the federal CDC, births in America declined by 2% from 2022 to 2023. This decline has returned to the mirroring pattern of about a 2% consistent yearly decline in births. This decline was broken by a surge in births during the COVID-19 pandemic. Between 2020 and 2022, births generally increased or remained slightly stable. 

The American birth rate per woman in the 1960’s stood at about 3.65 births. Today, that number stands at 1.6. This is below replacement level- American families quite simply are not having enough children to even keep the population numbers stable. This anomaly has not been limited to the United States alone; nations across the developed world have struggled. Japan in particular is facing a drastic crisis. The countries birth rate fell to a record low in 2023, standing at 1.2 births per woman, and marriage rates have also plummeted. 

This is unsurprising; birth control advancements over the last several decades have revolutionized the way people live and act, and many people have made the family a secondary priority by necessity due to economic realities. In Australia, these realities have been showcased by record numbers of people aged 18-34 not becoming parents, citing financial strains. Indeed, inflation has crushed the working class across the west, and many households need two incomes to survive. This reality is troubling and quite ominous.