Stephen Colbert Hospitalized, Health Update Released

Late-night host Stephen Colbert revealed last week that “The Late Show” on CBS was canceled for the week while he recovered from surgery, CBS News reported.

In a statement on Facebook last Monday, Colbert joked that the week-long hiatus was not caused by a “turkey overdose” but because he was “recovering from surgery for a ruptured appendix.”

Colbert expressed his thanks to the doctors who treated him and his wife and children, and joked that from now on, emails to his appendix “will be handled by my pancreas.”

A ruptured or burst appendix causes the infection to spread throughout the abdominal cavity. The condition, known as peritonitis, can be life-threatening and requires immediate surgery first to remove the appendix and then to flush out the abdomen.

New episodes of “The Late Show” were expected to return on Monday, December 4 with guests Sarah Paulson, Sara Bareilles, Nicki Minaj, and Mark Ruffalo. However, Entertainment Weekly reported on Monday that Colbert’s medical hiatus was extended for another week.

The late-night host posted on Facebook that he extended his recovery time on the advice of his doctors.

This was the second time in less than a month that Colbert had to cancel episodes of “The Late Show.” In November, Colbert missed a week while recovering from a bout with COVID.

CBS is airing reruns while Colbert recovers.

“The Late Show,” along with the other late-night talk shows just returned to the airwaves on October 2 after nearly five months off the air due to the Writers Guild of America strike that began in early May.

The strike ended in late September when the WGA negotiating committee approved a 3-year agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers enabling writers to return to work.