Star ARRESTED – He Threw It At HIM!

Tom Guiry, a former child actor who now lives in Horry County, South Carolina, has been arrested by authorities after he allegedly flung a dumbbell at a Jeep belonging to his neighbor, according to celebrity gossip site TMZ. A video of the incident is now circulating online, an shows Guiry hefting a heavy dumbbell above his head and heaving it onto the windshield of a white Jeep, smashing it. After committing this act of vandalism, he turned around and walked across several lawns to enter a house down the block. The dumbbell, meanwhile, was left to roll down the Jeep’s hood.

Guiry’s fame derives chiefly from portraying the character of Smalls in the early 1990s movie “The Sandlot.” 

The Horry County Sheriff’s office responded to calls about the June 2 disturbance, dispatching deputies to the scene.

According to witnesses, Guiry was found by police in middle of the street, asking about his wife’s whereabouts. Police say that they began talking to Guiry when the owner of the Jeep rushed in to demand an explanation for his broken windshield. Guiry responded to the vehicle owner’s outrage over the shattered windshield by offering an apology, and promising, repeatedly, to pay the wronged party back. “I did it. I’m sorry,” he said.

Law enforcement says that the victim told them that Guiry had, earlier, approached his front door and rang the doorbell while brandishing a knife, and furnished video of the incident.

Charges stemming from the altercation have now been filed against Guiry, including disorderly conduct, malicious damage, and assault. The Jeep’s owner told sheriff’s deputies that Guiry used a dumbbell weighing in at thirty-five pounds to deprive him of his windshield.

This is not Guiry’s first run in with the law. In 2013 he was cuffed and booked in the state of Texas for exhibiting aggressive behavior towards a law enforcement officer.

Spokespeople for the embattled celebrity have yet to respond to requests for comment on this most recent event.