Stalemate Over Military Nominations Continues

To propose a way to end his hold on military promotions and nominations, Republican Senators met with Sen. with Sen. Tommy Tuberville on Tuesday.

To prevent military troops from receiving reimbursement for out-of-state travel expenses incurred when seeking an abortion, Tuberville proposes adding language to the National Defense Authorization Act.

But in the Senate, where Democrats hold a majority, it will be an uphill battle. Tuberville also advises that, rather than the Pentagon footing the bill, private donors foot the bill.

Tuberville has delayed hundreds of military nominees in the Senate as a form of protest against the policy of the Pentagon. Tuberville has voiced a desire to prevent a blockage, so Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced last week that he would introduce a resolution to do just that.

As a form of protest against a Pentagon regulation that reimburses female servicemembers for out-of-state travel related to abortion, Tuberville began his hold in March. On November 2, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the strategy harms military readiness by delaying military appointments.

The White House contends that the obstruction of almost 400 military candidates by Republican Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville threatens national security. President Biden has the power to end the demonstration, but so far, he hasn’t done it.

Tuberville’s press secretary, Hannah Eddins, claims she has not received any communication from the White House regarding the holds. According to Eddins, Tuberville has had limited conversations about the roadblock with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Tuberville has suggested that, instead of unanimous consent, senators confirm appointments using “ordinary order” during the delay.

Some Republicans in the Senate have been critical of Tuberville lately for ignoring their pleas to hold votes on specific nominations for military officers. Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan worries that Tuberville’s grip could threaten the country’s safety.

Jean-Pierre warned against it on Wednesday, saying It endangers the strength of our armed forces.