Sources Reveal Justin Timberlake Was Warned Once Before Arrest

In the United States, a modern, contemporary culture within the nation has placed a greater emphasis for many years on the doings and activities of officials deemed celebrities in comparison to other Civic duties like personal responsibility, education and the formation of a well rounded academic mind. Indeed, there is a growing crisis in the United states. Many young people are struggling to read, write and critically think. A recent report from the Annenberg public policy center has shown that Civic scores nationally continue to decline for America’s young people. Additionally, in districts across the country, many scores of students continue to show that they are not able to read or perform mathematics at proficient levels. 

Wow this continues to occur and the problem festers, the dominant culture within the country continues to place a major emphasis on consumerism, marketing, lavish spending, pleasurable living and many young people continue to idolize celebrity figures that lead lives that are quite reckless and irresponsible. One of these celebrities is named Justin Timberlake who has recently been the center of much attention after a recent arrest. Timberlake was arrested for driving while intoxicated. An article published by Daily Mail United Kingdom has reported that Timberlake actually was previously warned not to drink and drive by law enforcement officials after they were tipped off to his behavior. Allegedly, Timberlake ignored these warnings and was later stopped by the same official who had done the warning in the first place. Timberlake has nobody to blame but himself for his actions.

Timberlake had been arrested earlier in June for driving while intoxicated in the Hamptons region. Timberlake had been partying in Sag harbor at the American Hotel. Timberlake had blown past a stop sign before being pulled over. Hopefully, the youth of the United states (many of whom look up to Timberlake) will take this incident as a warning not to commit this type of behavior.