Soros-Backed DA Probably Regrets Leaving Her Car Unattended

According to reports, Alameda County’s progressive prosecutor Pamela Price received an up-close glimpse of crime on Friday afternoon when her office laptop was stolen from an SUV after her bodyguard parked the car.

Furthermore, the cops were a no-show to document a report. Price waited an hour before going online to report the crime.

According to a social media post by KGO reporter Dan Noyes, the incident occurred at 3:30 p.m. when Price was on the clock at the Alameda County Family Justice Center.

After returning to the car, she discovered a shattered window and missing belongings, including the laptop.

In light of who Pamela Price is and what her progressive positions on crime are, this is a little bit of justifiable karma.

According to a May 2018 article in the San Francisco Chronicle, Price initially campaigned for District Attorney while working as a civil rights attorney.

She received the support of George Soros, the billionaire who has spent his life and fortune on leftist causes, including the funding of campaigns for U.S. district attorneys who have little interest in actually enforcing the law.

Although Price was unsuccessful in her 2018 bid, she was elected the following year (2022) on a platform that included “active efforts to restore public trust in our criminal justice system, protect public safety, eliminate mass imprisonment, and root out racial, socioeconomic, and gender imbalances within Alameda County’s criminal justice system.”

When a district attorney is focused on eradicating “mass imprisonment” and “racial, socioeconomic, and gender inequities” instead of merely doing her job and protecting victims, crime is going to soar.

Democratic Alameda County elected Price, and now those voters are paying the price.

Violent crime in Oakland has increased by 15% since 2022, when Price was not in office. There was a 28% increase in property crimes.

KNTV, an NBC station in the Bay Area, reports that a recall campaign focuses on Price.

In 2022, Chesa Boudin, the progressive former district attorney of San Francisco, discovered that recall elections could remove DAs who aren’t upholding the law.