Singer Collapses On Stage, With Audience Watching Helplessly

Singer Shania Twain never missed a beat while performing her song “Don’t Be Stupid” despite slipping on stage and landing on her butt, NBC News reported.

Twain, who is on tour for her new album “Queen of Me,” was midway through the song “Don’t Be Stupid” at Tinley Park near Chicago Saturday night when she slipped. From her place on the stage, Twain shouted, “Don’t be stupid, Chicago!” Then, without missing a beat, the singer simply got back on her feet and continued singing.

To show what a good sport she is, Twain even included a photo of her on her butt when she posted pictures from the Tinley Park show on Twitter.

In her tweet, Twain that the Tinley Park show was her first sell-out performance since her 1998 “Come On Over” tour.

Twain has been touring throughout Europe and North America promoting her sixth studio album “Queen of Me” which was released in February.

She performed at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in New York on July 3 and will be in Syracuse, New York on Saturday, July 8, and at Madison Square Garden on July 11.

For the final strength of the North American tour, Twain will do a series of concerts in her home country of Canada, capping off the tour on November 14 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Earlier this year, Twain told Billboard that she wanted to include some of her older songs, like “Don’t Be Stupid” in the latest tour, saying it would give her a “chance to touch base on songs” that she hasn’t done for a long time or has never done in a live venue.

She said she put the set together in a way that she felt “flowed” the best.

The “Queen of Me” tour is Twain’s fifth concert tour.