Senator Issues Warning About AI’s Biggest Threat

In an interview with Fox News, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley voiced concern about artificial intelligence and its power to “manipulate” Americans.

Hawley told Fox that he worries about AI’s “power to manipulate” our attention, opinions, and the information the public is given. He said the AI-generative systems are already being trained on “all the information on the internet.”

He worries that artificial intelligence technology will “quickly figure out what holds your attention” and what people “find engaging.” He warned of what would happen if this technology is used by governments or corporations to get and keep the public’s attention, and then use it to “manipulate us on any number of subjects,” adding that this would be “extremely dangerous.”

He argued that to protect information and opinions, power should be “in the hands of everyday Americans” 

Hawley suggested that several things can be done to curtail the threat from artificial intelligence, including giving American citizens the right to sue companies that use artificial intelligence as a way to misinform.

He warned that both the government and corporations will amass “so much power” through artificial intelligence, and added that the solution is to ensure that the individual can hold them accountable.

Noting the power social media companies wield through “powerful algorithms” to target consumers “based on our clicks” and “likes,” Hawley told Fox that these algorithms pale in comparison to the power artificial intelligence technology would be able to wield to manipulate the public.

Hawley said social media companies would “have all the power” while individuals will have none. He said anyone who has been censored on social media through de-platforming or shadow-bans knows firsthand how powerful these companies have become, and individuals are unable to sue them or do anything at all.

He said the way to change that is to repeal Section 230 which gives social media companies immunity.