Seaplane Smashes Into Boat Full of Passengers in Vancouver

On Saturday, when a plane flew over Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, a passerby captured a terrifying crash on video.

The video captures the seaplane’s takeoff attempt just before it collides with a pleasure boat approaching from the opposite way. The collision sends the upper half of the ship hurtling into the water with a resounding thud.

The plane rises in the air before it plummets into the ocean.

The captain of the boat thankfully escaped unscathed and raced over to the plane to provide aid and assistance.

All of the boat’s passengers made it out alive, but a number of them were injured and sent to the hospital.

The plane was carrying five tourists on a sightseeing trip. The pilot, together with the five other passengers, and themselves were safe and unhurt.

A representative went on to say that they were assisting the victims of the crash and were cooperating with the police.

By the time the video ended, half of the plane had submerged, and the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) had confirmed that it had been fastened to a barge after fully diving.

The TSB informed CBC that the wrecked plane was a De Haviland DHC-2 Mark 1, or Beaver and that it could hold six people.

According to the statement, the relevant government agency has initiated witness interviews and is working in tandem with the aircraft recovery crew to ascertain their intentions.

Laredo Sound and a quick rescue craft were dispatched to the location, according to a statement from the Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre (JRCC) in Victoria.

The seaplane station for the city of Vancouver is situated in Coal Harbour, which is in downtown Vancouver.

Airline companies like Harbour Air and Seair Seaplanes service the area.

A pilot was overpowered by hazardous exhaust fumes in 2017, causing a seaplane accident in Australia that killed a British billionaire and his family.

On Saturday, two planes from Indian airlines IndiGo and Air India had a terrifying near-miss on the runway at Mumbai Airport.