School Superintendent Gets Restraining Order Against Interrupting Parent

Matthew Eddy inexplicably crossed the stage at Friday night’s Baraboo High School graduation as the students were receiving their diplomas.

The Dane County Circuit Court granted a preliminary injunction to Rainey Briggs, a school superintendent in Wisconsin, following an incident when a parent stormed the stage at his daughter’s high school graduation in an attempt to stop the administrator from shaking hands with her. 

With a swift stride onto the platform, Matthew Eddy placed both hands on him, emphasizing that he would not permit him to touch his daughter. According to Briggs, who is seeking the injunction, Briggs “created space” and told Eddy to let go of him.

Steve Considine, principal of Baraboo High School, and president Kevin Vodak were among the four board members involved in the incident, which took place on stage. Two off-duty police officers, one of whom was working as the school resource officer for Eddy in Baraboo, rushed onto the stage and escorted him out of the gymnasium. 

It is currently unknown if there is any history that caused the father to make this decision. Speculation is that Eddy is unhappy with the school administration’s policies.

Following an investigation, the school resource officer issued a citation to Eddy for disruptive conduct. It has been established that the Sauk County District Attorney’s Office is now investigating the accusation.

The school district is taking the “unfortunate event” very seriously and is actively collaborating with local law officials to conduct a thorough investigation. According to the Baraboo School Board, anyone in the District is not allowed to participate in activities that are harmful, intimidating, or threatening. Additionally, the school board urged the community to speak out against actions like these that damage our democracy.

A photo of over fifty male students from Baraboo High School reportedly saluting in what seemed like a Nazi salute went viral in November 2018, putting them in the limelight. 

The district superintendent strongly condemned the photo and pledged to take any available and appropriate action, including legal, to address the issue. 

The pupils were not punished after an investigation with the local police was finished, according to the school administration.