Scandalous Affair Suspected Amongst CNN Officials

Social media reported on Sunday afternoon that former CNN president Jeff Zucker was seen leaving an event in the Hamptons with a married CNN host. They departed together while Zucker’s girlfriend stayed behind.

According to a report,  Zucker was noticed leaving the party hosted by former CNN host Don Lemon at about 3:10 p.m. while holding hands with “CNN Tonight” presenter Alisyn Camerota.  Minutes later, Zucker’s girlfriend, Allison Gollust, departed without him. 

An hour later,  Zucker and Camerota reportedly reappeared at the party before departing in different cars. Whether or whether Gollust came back is unknown. 

An anonymous source later claimed that Zucker and Gollust’s hand-holding was not romantic to a gossip media outlet.

The Daily Mail reports that Camerota is married to a man who works for a private equity business in Connecticut, and they have three children.

According to the report, Allison Gollust is a former executive at CNN. In February 2022, Zucker was fired from CNN due to his romantic relationship with Gollust.  According to reports, Zucker and Gollust had a long-running affair while married to other people, and she lived one floor away from Zucker in the same building.

For years, the media had speculated that Zucker, 56, and Gollust, 40, were having an affair. Although questioned about it, both Zucker and Gollust emphatically rejected the rumors.

According to anonymous insiders who spoke with media outlets,  Zucker was so open about his affair with Gollust that he relocated her to the exact same building in which he had previously resided together with his then-wife of 21 years, Caryn Zucker, prior to their divorce. 

A report claims that Caryn Zucker was completely unaware that Gollust, who she had seen in the building,  was having an affair with her husband.  Caryn had an explosive reaction when she found out about Zucker’s extramarital cheating.