Russian TV Guest Counters Host’s Narrative About US

Two Russian television personalities disagreed on air regarding the U.S.’s position on the global stage, with one mourning America’s predominant role, calling it a “hegemon.”

In a video shared online, Sergei Markov, a guest on the show and a previous adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, suggested that both the U.S. and Russia are vying to “control everything.” Evgeny Popov, the show’s host on the state-run Russia-1 channel, retorted, “Inform the Americans of that.” To which Markov responded, “The Americans face challenges for the same reason.”

Russian state-run media frequently targets Washington, with some suggesting the conflict in Ukraine is driven by NATO or the U.S. While the U.S. has supported Ukraine with various forms of aid, they have clarified they won’t deploy troops to directly combat alongside Ukrainian forces.

In the video, translated by the “KremlinYap” account on a platform known as X (previously Twitter), Popov expressed skepticism about the U.S. facing challenges, asking, “In what aspect have they failed?”
He listed U.S. actions against Russia, including economic pressures and the bolstering of NATO forces. Popov also touched upon Finland’s recent NATO membership and Sweden’s impending membership. Both countries had historically remained neutral but reconsidered their positions following Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, subsequently extending Russia’s NATO border.

China views Russia as an ally, in part to avoid facing the U.S. and its partners alone in conflicts. Given the international sanctions on Russia following its invasion, which have drained its resources and led to unrest, Foreign policy experts suggest that Ukraine and its supporters might have an opportunity to present their case.

Numerous NATO nations, spearheaded by the U.S., have also joined in slapping sanctions on Russia to deter its aggressive actions in Ukraine.

The ongoing 18-month discord has shifted global alliances. While Russia seeks stronger bonds with nations like China, Western countries are distancing themselves from Moscow.

Popov stated, “Currently, everyone defers to the U.S.” He characterized America as “the sole hegemon.”
Markov argued, “The U.S. has largely forfeited its moral high ground globally,” only for Popov to swiftly counter, “Global sentiment against the U.S. doesn’t hinder their global influence.”