Russian Troops Claim Leader Wants Them Dead

After World War Two, which brought about the deaths of over 50 million people, world leaders had made promises to usher in a new and long lasting era of peace across the world. Now, as the 21st century enters its third calendar decade, things have been nothing but chaotic on the international scale. The United States, long considered the dominant world power and the leader of the western world, is on a clear decline, and the president, Joe Biden, has appeared weak, incompetent, and absolutely powerless to stand up to aggressive foreign adversaries. In eastern Europe, Russia invaded Ukraine, and in China, the communist government in Beijing continues to threaten Taiwanese sovereignty and challenges the United States in the pacific.

The war in Ukraine has been a bloody; over half a million casualties are estimated to have occurred already. In early 2022, Russia launched an all-out invasion of the nation, attacking the country in the north and eastern regions. After making serious territorial gains, Ukrainian forces stabilized and countered with a staunch resistance. Eventually, Russia withdrew entirely from the north of the nation and focused primarily on the eastern front. The conflict has been stalemated in that region since the fall of 2022.

In another recent development regarding the war in eastern Europe, a cohort of Russian soldiers in the nation of Ukraine posted a video asserting that their commanding officer has a death wish for them. The soldiers claimed they received a dangerous assignment that they believe their commander hopes would result in their deaths, to “cover up” and prevent them from speaking out on military failures in the region. The soldiers claimed they had been deployed without proper ammunition. Russian soldiers have repeatedly posted videos that have been shared elsewhere in which many have made appeals to Putin and other high ranking political and military leaders for a change in policy regarding the war and their difficult situation.