Russian Ambassadors Flee After Death Of Alexei Navalny

The European Union along with the foreign ministries of several member countries summoned their Russian ambassadors to answer for the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Politico Europe reported.

The German Foreign Ministry confirmed last Monday that Russia’s ambassador to Germany had been summoned to address Navalny’s death in an Arctic penal colony on February 16.

In a press conference in Berlin last week, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Kathrin Deschauer told reporters that the “politically motivated proceedings” against critics of the Kremlin, including Navalny, as well as the “inhumane prison conditions” indicated the brutality Russia’s judicial system shows dissidents.

Deschauer said the German government condemned Moscow’s actions and demanded the release of all Russian political prisoners.

The British Foreign Office summoned Russia’s ambassador to the UK to express its outrage over Navalny’s death.

UK Europe Minister Leo Docherty told the House of Commons last Monday that the foreign ministry made it clear that the UK held Moscow “fully responsible” for Navalny’s death and would “explore all options” to hold President Putin accountable.

The French Foreign Ministry said last Tuesday that Russia’s ambassador to France had been summoned to answer questions about Navalny’s death.

Meanwhile, the European Union confirmed that it had summoned Russia’s envoy to the EU to demand an independent investigation into the circumstances of Navalny’s death. The Belgian government also summoned the Russian ambassador to demand an investigation.

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström called on the European Union to take action against Russia for oppressing political dissidents.

Finland’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that it had summoned the Russian ambassador to “demand a full and transparent investigation.”

Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Slot of the Netherlands said she summoned Russia’s ambassador to “demand clarification” on Navalny’s death. She said the Dutch government had urged Moscow to release Navalny’s body to his family.

The European Union moved forward last week with imposing further sanctions on Russia as Navalny’s widow Yulia Navalnaya visited Brussels to demand that President Putin be held accountable for her husband’s death.