Republican Senator Gives GOP Advice For 2024

Since the presidential election cycle of 2016 and the upset victory of the business real estate mogul from New York City Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, the United States has been engulfed in a deteriorating political climate. Hostile relations and political tensions have increased markedly, and many “hot button” issues have been hyper focused upon by major media outlets and political parties, furthering a sense of divide between individuals and bolstering polarization. In truth, a “cold” cultural war has been ongoing in the United States for several decades. While conservatives have been largely reactionary, progressives have made significant progress in diminishing traditional values in the nation by promoting ideologies contrary to the nuclear family, opposing Christian principles, and successfully revising and maligning the public’s perception of American history. The results have been clear; today, a large percentage of America’s youth has a poor knowledge of national civics and history.

Progressives have dominated in the cultural war, and decimated Republicans on the political front as well. Prior to 2016, Democrats had enjoyed total control of the executive branch for eight years with President Barack Obama, and besides the 2016 election the party has faltered in every subsequent election cycle. In 2018, a blue wave destroyed Republicans congressional majority in the house, and in 2020 the senate was also lost. In 2022, a midterm cycle that was supposed to be favorable to the party was yet another disappointment.

Many Republican voters and political operatives are baffled as to why they continue to lose elections despite a favorable climate. The truth is that many voters continue to believe that the party seeks to limit the rights of individuals regarding abortion and on other issues and they have no political structure on the grassroots level to organize and move voters to the polls (unlike Democrats). The Republican Senator J.D. Vance has called upon the party to become the clear party of the “pro-family” movement.