Reporter Claims Hunter Paid To Have Wikipedia Entries Edited

In order to boost his “image,” Hunter Biden had professional PR agencies modify Wikipedia on his behalf using anonymous identities, as reported by investigative journalist Lee Fang.
According to Fang, the President’s son engaged FTI Consulting, a large public relations agency. The business had previously done consulting for the Ukrainian oil corporation Burisma, with ties to the Biden family.

Wikipedia articles are regularly edited by specialist consultants on behalf of influential persons and businesses, typically using anonymous identities in an attempt to give the impression of authenticity.
Hunter Biden’s emails reveal that he often attempted to alter the public’s perception of him and the Wikipedia pages related to his Ukrainian patrons, according to Fang.

For a while, the outreach efforts of the high-priced consultants who made the covert alterations to Wikipedia were successful.

Fang writes that Wikipedia has a mechanism in place that is only partially visible and displays the revision history of each given article. Numerous anonymous Wikipedia accounts immediately started updating Hunter’s history, including adding requested revisions and removing the humiliating facts.
According to the report, emails showed that Hunter wanted to remove a paragraph that explained how his former employer, the National Endowment for Democracy, had links to the CIA. He lobbied for the addition of his several NGO board membership designations.

According to the archives, Hunter’s Wikipedia page was swiftly edited by many anonymous identities in the following weeks.

As for Hunter Biden’s “image” and reputation, he is only a bagman for the family’s enrichment program, while Joe Biden is at the core of the money-making activities.

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich claims that no one has given Hunter Biden money for his talents, nor are they paying thousands or millions of dollars for his artwork because they believe him to be comparable to Van Gogh or Monet. He would be a starving artist, unemployed, or in prison if his last name weren’t Biden.