Pro-Immigrant Group Sues to Derail Biden Admin’s New Asylum Policy  

NEW YORK, USA - Sep 29, 2015: US Vice President Joe Biden during a meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in New York

In the United States over the last several years the problem of illegal immigration has worsened considerably. Since the 2021 calendar year and the long serving public servant Joe Biden’s Ascension to the position of Commander in Chief of the United states, levels of illegal immigration at the southern border have skyrocketed. A somewhat dated analysis by an organization called FAIR which seeks immigration reform estimated that illegal migration into the country surpassed five and a half million migrants in late 2023 in Biden’s Presidency alone. Since becoming president, Biden and his administration have implemented controversial migration policies in terms of dealing with the situation at the southern border. His predecessor, Donald J Trump had taken a stricter stance on the issue, heavily touting the construction of new border barriers and a physical wall in major sections of the very lengthy border with Mexico. Additionally, Trump had implemented a policy which required migrants to remain in Mexico.

Early in his presidency, Biden reversed many of these policies and the results have been catastrophic. The New York Post reported that by fall 2024, right around the time of the presidential election, the migrant backlog at the federal level is set to surpass 8 million individuals. This is a staggering 167% increase over just a 5-year period going back to 2019. America’s major cities have been flooded with foreigners, and public settings like schools, airports, transportation centers and other places like hotels have been turned into shelters.

Biden may be realizing the serious crisis that has occurred under his watch. Recently his administration attempted to make it much more difficult for people to apply for asylum by limiting the number of claims allowed. A pro-immigration group along with the American civil liberties union (ACLU) have sued him and the administration, alleging that is an overreach of federal power and not permissible under laws acting as guidelines for the implementation of executive power.