Poll Shows 1/3 Of Voters Believe Biden’s Election Illegitimate

An overwhelming majority of citizens in the United States believe that President Joe Biden was elected fraudulently in 2020, according to a recent survey.

Halfway through December, 62% of Americans stated they think Biden was elected lawfully; this is a 7-point decline from 69% in December 2021, when a comparable study was conducted.

Republicans saw the most significant decline among those who believed the 2020 election results were legal; their percentage fell to 31% in 2023 from 39% in the previous survey conducted in 2021.

While 94% of Democrats felt Biden was elected legitimately two years ago, that number has dropped slightly to 91% this time around. Additionally, the percentage of independents who believe the incumbent Democrat was duly elected has decreased from 72% in 2021 to 66% in the present.

Fox News came in second with 13% of the vote, local TV came in third with 12%, CNN came in eighth, and Facebook came in seventh when asked where people got their news on politics and the government.

Despite facing four felony charges, Donald Trump maintains a commanding lead over his opponents in the GOP primary field and is expected to be nominated for president in 2024. Prosecutors accuse the former president on two counts of trying to reverse the 2020 election results so that he might stay in office.

More than 60 cases have been dismissed, and there have been many audits of the 2020 election, but Trump insists he was the true victor.

Bill Barr, who was the attorney general at the time, denied Trump’s frequent assertions of extensive electoral fraud in the weeks after the 2020 presidential election.

A total of 1,024 persons in the United States were polled between December 14th and 18th. It is within a range of 4.1 percentage points of accuracy.