Poll Data Casts Dark Cloud Over Biden Presidency

Since president Joe Biden began his term as president in January of 2021, he has dropped significantly in terms of approval from the American public. Inflation remains a serious problem; after peaking in late 2022 at levels not witnessed in decades, prices remain extremely high and the middle class continues to struggle. Wages remain stagnant, and it appears that these escalated prices are now the new “normal”. The housing market, which was red hot during the COVID-19 pandemic, remains active. Demand for housing remains extremely high, but the prices of homes has grown by such serious extents that many median income families can no longer afford a home. In a recent report by Fox business, for Americans falling within the median income range, home ownership is virtually impossible in some 99% of the country.

What’s worse; at the southern border, millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation over the two and a half years of the Biden presidency. Over five million are estimated to now be residing within the United States. The majority of Americans continue to disapprove of the job performance of Biden, and the president appears to be trailing the likely Republican nominee Donald Trump in five battleground states.

While Democrats should certainly be worried about Biden in terms of the presidential election occurring in 2024, they remain stronger than Republicans in most other regards. Over the last several election cycles, during periods in which many “experts” predicted that Republicans would score key victories and enjoyed a favorable climate, Democrats beat the odds and continued to beat their opponents. In 2022, the party avoided a red wave and Republicans faltered, only gaining a handful of seats in the House of Representatives. In 2023, in state elections in Virginia and New Jersey where Republicans had made gains two years prior, Democrats regained lost ground; in the Garden State they nearly wiped away all Republican gains made in 2021.