Polish Father/Daughter Charged With Murder Of 3 Infants

Piotr Gierasik and Paulina Gierasik, a father and daughter, were arrested when the bodies of three newborn babies were found in their basement in a decomposed state.

The residents of the tiny village of Czerniki in northern Poland frequently spotted the couple out and about “hand-in-hand.” On September 15th, authorities conducted a raid on their residence, where they discovered the bodies.

The age at death of one of the victims found in a black plastic bin liner was roughly three weeks.

If found guilty of murder and incest, Piotr and Paulina might spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Paulina’s coworkers at the cake shop in the neighboring town told reporters that she looked up to her dad “like a God” and that he sheared off her hair so that other males wouldn’t be attracted to her.

Paulina was charged with incest and two charges of murder, while her father faced three counts of murder and an incest accusation with Paulina and another daughter.

Some locals said they had reason to suspect the couple, while the news of their arrest shocked others. A local told reporters that the mother had abandoned the father and their ten or twelve children. Piotr impressed the family by installing new windows and regularly took the kids on walks and mushroom forays in the woods.

Paulina’s store manager, Katarzyna Matyszczak, claimed that the staff was “gossiping about it.” She said that Paulina, her youngest daughter, is stunningly gorgeous and that rumors of her pregnancy spread quickly.

The cause of death of the three infants is currently unknown while prosecutors await the results of an autopsy. The police have not given up searching the property for further bodies. The investigation into the father and daughter is ongoing, and they both face the possibility of life in prison if found guilty.