Police Unleash K9 On Unarmed Truck Driver

A video of an attack on a truck driver in Ohio by a police dog is disturbing because the officer disobeyed instructions not to unleash the K-9 from a state trooper. The victim was down on his knees and had his arms up.

On July 4th, WSYX reported that 23-year-old Memphis resident Jadarrius Rose had driven his semi-trailer on US 35 without the mud flap that is required by law.

Driving recklessly and barely missing spike sticks, he led officers on a 25-minute pursuit through Chillicothe until an additional set blew out the tires on Route 23 near Circleville, thirty kilometers south of Columbus, Ohio.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol released the video on Friday, which shows a state trooper calling for Rose to come towards him as the manager of a German shepherd from the Circleville Police Department holds the dog back.

The patrolman then told him to get to the ground or he would be bitten.

Repeatedly, a state trooper whose bodycam was filming the situation yells at the local police not to let go of the dog when his hands are up.

Officer Ryan Speakman of the Circleville K-9 unit unleashes the dog, and it rushes at Rose, biting him as he screams.   A trooper orders Speakman to get the dog off of him.

Sergeant Ryan Purpura of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said in a statement to local media that while troopers tried to get the subject to comply with verbal directions, the Circleville Police Department brought out their canine, resulting in a bite to the suspect.  Troopers administered first aid as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

According to reports, in Ross County, where the police pursuit began, Rose was charged with refusal to cooperate, a fourth-degree felony.

Police Chief G. Shawn Baer of Circleville issued a statement saying that Speakman has been put on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Baer said that the findings and any additional steps taken by the city will be made public after the Use of Force Review Board had completed its inquiry. He said that the city would be making no additional statements.