Police Scrambling After Alleged Shooter’s Manifesto Leaks

The mayor of Nashville last Monday called for an investigation into the unauthorized leak of portions of the manifesto written by Covenant School shooter Audrey Hale which were obtained and publicized by radio host Steven Crowder, CBS News reported.

In a statement on Monday, Mayor Freddie O’Connell expressed deep concern for the “safety, security, and well-being” of the families of the Covenant School victims after Crowder released what he claimed were three images from Hale’s so-called manifesto.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said in a statement that the images released by Crowder were not crime scene images and police are working with the city’s legal department to investigate how the images were obtained.

According to court filings, Hale left behind multiple journals, a manifesto, and a suicide note that were collected after the Covenant School shooting in late March. The police initially said the documents would be publicly released after the investigation into the shooting was officially closed.

Multiple groups, including news organizations, then sued for their release, arguing that since Hale was dead, the investigation was essentially over and the documents should be released immediately.

In May, a judge ruled that the families of the victims, who oppose the release of the documents, could intervene to stop them from going public.

The case was then heard by a 3-judge panel of the Tennessee Appeals Court last month. The appeals court will decide if the May ruling will stand and the families can prevent the release of the documents.

Nashville’s law director Wally Dietz confirmed last Monday that he would be launching an investigation into the leak but would not confirm or deny whether the images obtained by Crowder were authentic.

Brent Leatherwood, a parent whose three children attend the school told reporters that he feared that the documents could inspire similar attacks. He asked Crowder how many must be killed so “you can get clicks.”