Police Kill Violent Suspect Concluding Manhunt

A manhunt ended with the death of a 40-year-old suspect wanted in connection with the deaths of four persons and the injuries of two police officers in Atlanta over the weekend. 

Andre Longmore was the subject of a massive manhunt after allegedly shooting four people in a Hampton suburb on Saturday morning before fleeing in a car from the Dogwood Lakes neighborhood.

Officers from many agencies swarmed the neighborhood on Sunday, and according to a statement released by Hampton Police Captain Chaundra Brownlee, they are “looking into each tip provided” to locate Longmore.

Sheriff Reginald Scandrett of Henry County had already announced a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the suspect’s capture and prosecution.

Syntonnia Moore, a spokesman for the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, reported that Longmore was slain by law enforcement in Clayton County and that a deputy from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and a police officer from Clayton County were hurt while attempting to apprehend him.

One police officer was shot and flown to a hospital in Atlanta for treatment.

Van Grady, a deputy U.S. marshal, has verified that shots were fired, saying of Longmore that he shot at law enforcement first, and then they returned fire.

“The monster is dead,” Scandrett declared. He said it would let people sleep better tonight; a monster had been removed from the streets. 

As of Sunday, at least three police cars were still near Dogwood Lakes, restricting access, while on Saturday, Hampton Police Chief James Turner informed reporters that detectives were investigating at least four crime sites.

The reason for the shooting has not been determined. 

According to available documentation, Longmore formerly called this area home. Located approximately 25 miles south of downtown Atlanta, this community of around 40 homes on two streets borders a lake.

NASCAR races in Georgia take place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, which is located in the city of Hampton. The booming Georgia film industry has also benefitted the city of 8,500.