Police Chief Admits Leaked Manifesto Is Legit

According to a report, Nashville Police Chief John Drake has said that the unauthorized distribution of the manifesto pages from the Covenant Christian School gunman is being investigated.
Steven Crowder, a Conservative political analyst, shared three pages of the manifesto penned by Audrey Hale, the shooter at the Christian school in March. During the chaos on the second floor, Hale was shot and killed by a member of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Crowder shared the three photos on X last Monday morning and read the accompanying text on his program, Louder with Crowder. On the first page, labeled “DEATH DAY,” Hales explains her plan to attain a high body count by opening fire inside the school. The gunman then proceeded to explicitly target white youngsters on the next page.

A picture uploaded by Crowder reveals the following page, which details the day before the incident and indicates that the shooter planned to open fire at 12:33 p.m. and die shortly thereafter.

Shortly after the incident, officials claimed Hale had written a manifesto justifying her actions.

The records had not been publicly disclosed as it is under continuing investigation by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) in March. The municipal council member told inquiring media that Hale’s manifesto would ultimately be published.

Reports show that when the photographs believed to be the writings of the killer appeared online, it prompted the mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, to call for an inquiry.

Nashville’s mayor, Freddie O’Connell, has reportedly asked the city’s top lawyer, Wally Dietz, to investigate how the photos got out.

As reported in May, a collection of parents whose kids were attending The Covenant School at the time of the murders filed a petition asking that the documents be kept under wraps.

The parents claimed in their attempt to suppress the papers that releasing the manifesto would serve no beneficial purpose, and they didn’t want them made public. They said it was the dangerous ramblings of a psychotic.