Pat Tillman’s Mother Slams Decision to Give Award to Prince Harry

Not everyone is pleased with the decision by ESPN to present Prince Harry with the coveted Pat Tillman Award for Service at this year’s ESPY Awards, which was revealed at the end of June.

The distinction was established in 2014 to honor the memory of Pat Tillman, a brave former NFL player who tragically lost his life in a friendly-fire accident while serving in the United States Army after September 11, 2021. Tillman had declined a contract worth more than $3 million to join the army.  Tillman said that many members of my family have served in the military, but I have done absolutely nothing.  Despite his desire to remain silent over the decision, it stunned many and received widespread coverage in the national media.

Mary Dannie Tillman, Tillman’s mother, is quite angry with the choice to present the honor to Prince Harry.

In an interview with foreign media, she expressed her disbelief at the decision to honor such a contentious and polarizing figure. Someone else would be a far better beneficiary. People within the veteran community are making a huge difference in the lives of veterans. She said that these people lack Prince Harry’s privilege, wealth, connections, and resources. I think it’s important to acknowledge such kinds of people.

Harry served in Afghanistan for eleven years as a veteran of the British Army. But for all the talk about him being treated like a basic soldier,  he was actually under guard.

He became involved in athletics through the Invictus Games, an international athletic tournament for wounded and injured military members. After the establishment of the Pat Tillman Service Award in 2014, Harry founded the Invictus Games that same year.

According to Mary Tillman’s interview with ESPN, her son had a strong desire to do the right things, and he would stand up for his buddies if they were in trouble. After 9/11 and its aftermath, football became less important, in her opinion. She said he probably felt obligated to do more, too.