Parents Sound Alarm On Trans Athlete After Girls Bruised

Wisconsin parents are shocked over a transsexual competitor taking part in a girls’ game at an area school.

A report reveals that parents have said that their girls have come back home from summer games and practices with injuries that they never saw on their daughters before.

Parents have declined to name which sport and which school it involved, referring to privacy concerns and fear of reprisals by far-leftist groups. The school is known to be within the Green Bay Public School District.

Parents explained their issues over decency and their children’s well-being to the media, especially with regard to natural-born males taking part in sports in close contact with females.
One parent, Ryan Gusick, explained that the girls could not take a ball striking them hard as a male could. He believed the girls were quitting these sports teams because they were worried about their safety.
The report said parents believe their girls will avoid sports this fall if the biological male athlete is permitted to stay on the girls’ team.
According to a report in April, a North Carolina high school softball player, Payton McNabb, said she experienced long-lasting physical injuries from a transsexual competitor.

McNabb, a senior student at Hiwassee Dam in Murphy, North Carolina, stood up and talked about her injuries during a public interview where she approached state lawmakers to pass the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act that would ban natural males from participating in female sports groups.

McNabb said she couldn’t play in her last season. She is still on the softball team but cannot perform as well as she had in the past because of her injuries.

She recognized that while her athletic abilities are approaching their end, her motivation for taking a stand to speak about her injuries and her fight to protect girls’ sports currently fills a bigger purpose.