Paperwork Shows Kennedy Family Member Is Really Running

Reports show that a declaration of candidacy indicates that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. submitted papers to run for president as a Democrat.

The Associated Press stated that Kennedy would run against President Joseph Biden in 2024, even though Biden has not yet declared his candidacy. In March, he teased a possible presidential bid by launching a fundraising website that promised to remove the corrupt combination of corporate and state power.

Children’s Health Defense, an organization Kennedy founded, is opposed to vaccines and claims they cause autism in children. According to the report, he published a book titled “The Real Anthony Fauci,” in which he said that the top medical adviser to the White House was complicit in a coup d’etat against democracy.

Reports show that because Kennedy openly questioned the Covid vaccinations on Instagram, the company suspended his account in February 2021.

Kennedy is the second Democrat candidate to declare his candidacy for president since Democrat Marianne Williamson announced her intentions in March.

Candidate Kennedy is the 69-year-old son of Robert F. Kennedy, the U.S. attorney general who campaigned for president in 1968 and was killed that June after giving a campaign speech. Moreover, he is John F. Kennedy’s nephew.

According to a historical reference website, Kennedy’s father, Robert F. Kennedy Sr., was a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law and Harvard University.

From 1961 to ‘64, Robert Kennedy served as Attorney General of the United States. From 1965 to ‘68, he served as a Senator for New York.

His brother John F. Kennedy was elected president in 1960.

Robert Kennedy was named US attorney general by his brother, then-president John F. Kennedy.

He used his position to advocate for civil liberties for black people and fought organized crime. He opposed the expansion of the War In Vietnam and fought tirelessly on behalf of poor minorities while serving in the US Senate.

Robert Kennedy was assassinated June 5, 1968, as he campaigned in Los Angeles, California, for the nomination of the Democratic Party for president. At age 42, he passed on the following day.