NYPD Gets Special Order Over Potential Trump Arrest 

(RepublicanPeak.com)- When former President Donald Trump posted on social media over the weekend that he expected to be arrested on Tuesday as part of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office investigation over his role in the hush-money payment scheme with Stormy Daniels, it set off a wave of commentary online. 

It also put a lot of people on high alert, as Trump called for people to protest the indictment in a message that reminded a lot of people of the message he sent to his followers right before the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. 

In response, all officers with the New York Police Department were told that they had to wear their full uniforms beginning on Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. The decision was made due to the anticipated civil unrest that could occur if an indictment of Trump was officially handed down by the grand jury and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. 

The NYPD said that detectives who are normally in plain clothes also had to wear their full uniforms for the department. Officers also set up barricades around a criminal court building in lower Manhattan. The department also mobilized hundreds of police officers in the riot division, just in case they were needed to fend off angry protesters. 

On Monday, the city’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams said: 

“We’re doing what we always do. We’re monitoring comments on social media, and the NYPD is doing their normal role of making sure there’s no inappropriate actions in the city.” 

CBS News also reported that officials with the NYPD were holding Zoom meetings with court officers, security officials and even the Secret Service. Part of the reason for this is various intelligence sources said they witnessed a spike in violent rhetoric online after Trump posted to his Truth Social account that his followers should protest his pending arrest. 

The city’s Port Authority was also notified that it was possible multiple caravans of cars transporting protesters could end up disrupting traffic during rush hour, particularly on the tunnels and bridges that lead into and out of Manhattan. 

A former lieutenant with the NYPD told CBS News that officers with the department would be checking in to see if there was an unusual increase in flights making their way to New York City, while also boosting security at train and bus terminals – all places where people could end up going to first when they arrive in New York City to protest. 

Trump’s social media post encouraged his followers that they should protest over his indictment in downtown Manhattan if he were indeed arrested. His message that was sent Saturday said he believed an indictment would be handed down Tuesday. It was uncertain what he was basing that information on. 

That indictment didn’t come down Tuesday, and the grand jury that’s been assembled to hear the case didn’t meet at all on Wednesday. They are expected to reconvene on Thursday, though, to further discuss the situation.