North Carolina Man Saves Two Year Old Daugter’s Life After Pool Tragedy

Over Memorial Day weekend, a father in North Carolina rescued his 2-year-old daughter from the home pool thanks to his reflexes and CPR training.

According to the Gastonia Police Department, a Memorial Day celebration for one family went horribly wrong when their two-year-old daughter, Mila, dove into the pool unsupervised. Home security tape captured the crucial moment when loved ones hurried to save the tiny youngster, who started to drown in a matter of minutes.

Mila’s ten-year-old sister was screaming for her.  According to what their father, Matthew, told the authorities, he looked and saw his 2-year-old daughter floating.  He sprung into action and rescued her.

According to Amy, Mila’s mother, who saw her daughter lying motionless on the edge of the in-ground pool, felt entirely powerless upon witnessing the scene. The girl’s face had turned blue and gray, according to Amy.

Matthew pulled her out of the water and slapped her back to expel the air that was in her stomach. She took a quick and deep breath and began to cry.  And so did Matthew.

Police stated the youngster made a complete recovery after being taken to a hospital out of precaution.

Mila’s mother promised her daughters that from now on, there would be an adult there whenever the family went swimming.  According to Amy, it’s now a responsibility to ensure that an adult is present in the pool with the children at all times, engaging in play and conversation with them.

Updating one’s CPR skills is something that Mila’s dad strongly recommended.

The majority of the children that drowned in the Gastonia County area were under the supervision of an adult, with 9 out of 10 cases involving children aged 1 to 14.

Experts advise families to put appropriate fencing around pools to protect youngsters from falling in.  Five feet high fencing should be erected around the perimeter of the pool.

Spacings between the rails of the fence must not exceed four inches.

Use extra obstacles, make it hard for kids to climb, and install a gate that swings outward and closes and latches on its own. Add an added layer of security by installing pool alarms, covers, and door and window alarms.