Nikki Haley Calls On GOP To Consolidate Efforts

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley called on House Republicans to immediately elect a new speaker to prevent the alleged “chaos” brought about by the resignation of Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Haley declared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that they must unite. The time has come to handle the pressing problems at hand. Time is of the essence.

Reports showed this week that members of the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives gathered to discuss the speaker election between Louisiana’s Majority Leader Steve Scalise, and Ohio’s Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan.

Haley cautioned the GOP to work together to ensure the safety of our country. Sixty percent of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Crime is at a record high. Children are falling behind in school, the border is wide open, and China is making war preparations.

Last week’s revolt against Mr. McCarthy, headed by Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, paralyzed the House of Representatives. Eight conservatives, with all House Democrats, backed the move.

According to a Thursday report, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise revealed that he would no longer seek election as Speaker of the House.

Although a handful of conservatives said they would not support Scalise in a floor vote for majority leader, he won the Republican conference vote early this week, beating Jim Jordan. Even though Scalise received more votes than Jordan did (113 to 99), he was unable to muster enough support to be approved as speaker.

Jordan has hinted he would make another go for the Speaker position.

Reports show Haley first entered politics in 2004 when she was elected as a State Representative in South Carolina’s legislature. She was then elected as the state’s governor in 2010. She was re-elected governor in 2014 but left office in 2017 to serve as Trump’s ambassador to the UN until December 2018.

According to a report, Haley has said the reason she ran for office was mainly due to Hillary Clinton. She described Clinton as the “inspiration” for her candidacy.