News Host Calls Out Gaetz’ Hypocrisy on Working with Dems

Since the 2016 presidential election in which Donald Trump secured a victory and became the nation’s 45th president, the Republican party has struggled in every subsequent election cycle. Indeed, although the working class of the country has increasingly leaned to the right and captured the support of average American citizens wholly neglected by far-left progressive Democratic messaging and policies which aim to hurt them, the party has struggled.

Many Americans are quite simply wary of the Republican party. Since the 2018 midterms, Republicans have faltered in every election cycle. 2018 brought about a blue wave in which much of the incompetent Republican dominated congress which existed during Trump’s first two years as president was wiped away. 2020 ended Trump’s presidency after only a single term, and Democrats remained in control of the House of Representatives and gained the senate. And in 2022, during a cycle which was supposed to be seriously favorable for the GOP, the party faltered yet again, losing another seat in the senate and only taking back the House of Representatives by a seriously meager margin.

Many individuals may simply believe that Republicans are just unable to govern if given the opportunity, and therefore do not vote for the party. Indeed, in 2016, when the party enjoyed total control of the federal government with Trump in the White House, things went nowhere, and no real or meaningful legislation was passed to aid the American people or address the party’s proposed agenda. In 2023, Republicans proved this point again when Matt Gaetz and several other Republicans sided with Democrats and removed Kevin McCarthy from the speakership- something which had never before occurred in American history. Gaetz was condemned by many on both sides of the aisle. Appearing on MSNBC, Ari Melber confronted Gaetz, pointing out his hypocrisy. Gaetz had routinely claimed that McCarthy worked too closely with Democrats- but Gaetz himself sided with the progressives to remove McCarthy.