New York Mayor Panics As Illegals Flood City

Mayor Eric Adams (D) recently warned again that illegal immigration was destroying the city and hurting New Yorkers.

Adams told a town hall meeting that New York City, a sanctuary city that refuses to cooperate with ICE, is at a breaking point due to illegal immigration, with over 160,000 illegal aliens arriving since spring 2022.

Adams stated there was no space for 160 thousand people. Weekly arrivals range from 2,500 to 4,000. It’s catastrophic for the city.

Adams said earlier this month that illegal immigration is unsustainable and people will sleep on the streets.

This is Adams’ newest warning to illegal immigrants not to come to New York City, but the campaign has failed. Illegal immigrants continue to enter the sanctuary city. Some told the media they don’t care if NYC is congested; they’re still going there.

A report shows Adams said that the borders need to be fortified and implement strict screening procedures for everyone entering the nation. We also need to implement a decompression plan to reach the more than 108,000 communities in America. He claimed he had the support of mayors from throughout the country.

There are reports of migrant sleepers in Chicago police station lobbies. A New York cruise liner terminal has become a temporary emergency shelter. The number of refugees seeking refuge in Denver has multiplied by 10, but the number of accessible beds has not.

Former NY governor Andrew Cuomo criticized President Biden’s and Governor Hochul’s administrations for abandoning New York City during the illegal alien crisis.

Cuomo said at a Brooklyn church that the idea of housing at least two thousand migrants at Floyd Bennett Field makes no sense.

The former governor informed church members that Floyd Bennet Field is an abandoned airport and a low-lying area prone to flooding. There is a lack of any kind of transportation here. It will cut off thousands of migrants from aid. He said it would cost the government several millions of dollars.